Community Education Workshops

White Light Just Right is a fundamental, research campaign which engages communities directly through providing a supportive and informative network of educational forums, public workshops, and research initiatives to address critical concerns arising about circadian health and how we as individuals can achieve enhanced wellness through designed lighting strategies.

By partnering with a variety of stake-holding disciplines, LVG unites the efforts of researchers, designers, engineers, trend experts, user- experience specialists, innovation strategists, business owners, community leaders and our own clients to create open conversations that bridge the gap between the efforts so many professionals have put forth towards making light and health known, understood and successful.

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Visit the White Light Just Right official website to learn more about the Group’s community education campaign, and how you can get involved!

Workshop Elements

Workshop Series & Agendas

Healthy Light and Our Well-Being

Part One: The Importance of Circadian Health (45min)
Part Two: Introduction to Circadian Light Practices (75min)

Discussion topics:
Basic terminology and functions of circadian health
Associated wellness and sleep practices
Defining research based metrics of healthy light
Existing and emerging practices of circadian light
Effective market applications based on economic impact
Neighborhood market mapping

Natural & Integrative Wellness

Part One: Shedding Light on Integrative Medicine (45min)
Part Two: Functional Light Models for Integrative Patient Support (75min)

Discussion topics:
Principles of integrative medicine
Intersections with naturopathic medicine
Applications with visible light
Sleep Profiles
Dietary Profiles
Light Profiles

Light and the Human Body

Part One: Contexts of Healthy Light (60min)
Part Two: Listening To Your Body (60min)

Series content not available at this time.

Light and the Human Mind

Part One: Mind Over Matter (60min)
Part Two: Physiological Fight or Flight (60min)

Series content not available at this time.

Community Light Bites

Sound bites of public workshops are available throughout NYC’s local businesses to help spread our message while supporting their cause! Light Bites focus on two core discussion topics and one elemental activities per workshop series giving you the chance to piecemeal your workshop and dining experiences!

These groundbreaking, educational support groups guide individuals to and through the light and health practices being used within the design-build industry to support our sleep health, and wellness standards for the built environment.


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