Light Vitality Group is a design-research think tank striving to deliver more relatable and understandable education and workforce development content to those looking to enhance their personal and professional light wellness.

By combining the resources of teams worldwide who have invested in understanding and supporting light wellness, we turn the many issues faced within the light wellness market into actionable insights to be used by light and build industry professionals, business owners and the general community.

Our mission is to bridge the technology, open innovation, and entrepreneurship of growing economies to improve the effectiveness, cost, speed, scale, ROI, and applicability of designed lighting strategies supporting human wellness.


Educate communities of the many benefits of a good night’s rest, and how we can help ourselves achieve these more easily and naturally through designed lighting applications identified in ongoing research.

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Develop R&D which supports the validation of circadian light practices in both experiential and financial values through partnering with a variety of diverse industry stakeholders.

Neighborhoods will be assessed on their responxe the impact circadian light promotion has done for their stake in industry market share.


Foster the facilitation of research proven circadian lighting design metrics within defined applications as the result of stakeholder partnerships and collaboration.


The whole concept for “the group” arose out of the need to effectively educate communities about light wellness, and to align the message being sent out to the public through the design and build industries about light and health. From its importance to metrics and methods, a widened selection of industries are beginning to tackle the subject more than ever. With such an abundance of information being filtered to the public, we as light and build representatives have a responsibility to do our due diligence in understanding circadian lighting practices fully and thoughtfully, in understanding how to speak to these practices effectively, and in understanding how to educate communities about the practices we perform and how we can all benefit most from them.

The growing mass of lighting research released to the public has encouraged a host of questions ranging from defining the context of “healthy light” to defining the metrics used to design healthy light applications, and most importantly we question how to impart this information accurately and with impact. As we begin to see more design professionals become aware and impassioned by the data released, a nascent of unprecedented, circadian lighting strategies have developed based on each one’s own interpretation of that data. As professionals work to keep up with the boundless advancements in research, LVG works to provide the foundation and structure they need to streamline their efforts and develop a more systematic approach to designing for lighting wellness and teaching communities about what it takes to live a healthy light kind of lifestyle.


Light Vitality Group, Inc. is recognized by the State of New York as a public benefit corporation – a type of for-profit corporation that allows for public benefit to be a charter purpose in addition to the traditional corporate goal of maximizing profit for shareholders. Discover the benefit goals LVG plans to achieve in our first year of operation, and why we chose to start with them!


Outreach, Education, Collaboration

1. Educate a minimum of 1,500 community members and business owners between the five New York City boroughs within the first year of operations.

2. Distribute a minimum of 3,000 wellness-profiling, educational kits to community members nationally.

3. Build and structure protocols for Light Vitality Market Mapping Research Program (LVMMRP) launch in 2018.


It’s not a non-profit, but it’s financial strategy aligns with community service? We know. We thought it was pretty ideal too.

One of the biggest reasons we opted for a non-traditional C-corp was to protect the mission and integrity of LVG. Under the model benefit corporation act, a director of a benefit corporation, like a director of a general corporation, has a duty of care and a duty of loyalty. For directors of benefit corporations, this means considering the impact of decisions on a broad array of the corporation’s stakeholders, rather than just the interests of its shareholders.


A Mission Driven Life

A benefit corporation is a new legal tool to create a solid foundation for long term mission alignment and value creation. Benefit corporations expand the obligations of boards, requiring them to consider environmental and social factors, as well as the financial interests of shareholders. This gives directors and officers the legal protection to pursue a mission and consider the impact their business has on society and the environment in alignment with the interest of its shareholders.

Find out more frequently asked questions about public benefit corporations and impact investing here.



Founder,  Director of Design Research, Dream Catcher

There is nothing conventional about Regina or The Group. Her foremost goal is to help as many people as possible as significantly as possible. At a young age she began being diagnosed with autoimmune disorders and triumphed many wellness hurdles. Now, she is sharing her awareness & the more esoteric revelations she’s discovered after decades of research and personal care.

Five years ago, she found her crux – light and health – and she has not stopped advocating for the lighting industry’s best kept “secret” ever since.

As the youngest of six children to two full-time pharmacists, she spent most of her early days scouring the back house of pharmacies, helping sort pills and applying dosing labels to prescriptions. Her interest in holistic wellness grew.

With a BFA in Interior Design and an MFA in Architectural Lighting, Regina learned to design for both visual and non-visual aspects of architectural lighting to support our wellbeing through inner physiology and outer, physical comfort within each space.

While working as a lighting designer and CEU educator, researching the topic of light and health grew into a beloved hobby. The practice of it literally changed her life. To share this passion and build on inter-industry collaboration, she uses the experience gained through branding and promoting regional programs for a State governed regional planning council and the USGBC Florida Gulf Coast Chapter. Programs included community visioning, education, economic development, capital improvement elements, and more.


Systems Application Developer, Dream Maker

Kevin is a self-taught web developer focused on creating technology based solutions to solve real world problems. Currently putting his programming skills to work as web developer and applications engineer for Light Vitality Group, he is building a website and communications technology that will help educate and connect guests from around the world about the many benefits and strategies of light wellness.

His ability to improve software development and deliver quality information in an innovative way has been a valuable asset to the core development of LVG’s leanring management system. Kevin started building computer hardware for custom gaming computers in high school, then later gained a BT in Computer Engineering Technology, and an AAScience in Electro-mechanical Engineering Technology.

Between his drive for discovering better applications in the new Internet of Things (IoT) to dedicating his focus on health and fitness through training for competitive power lifting, his support of light wellness and its success in today’s modern age continues to grow and strengthen.

For the last 30 years I have held executive posts in the Architectural Lighting Industry, including
founding a successful, innovative company, a.light Architectural Lighting.

5 years ago I began reading about light’s effect on health and well-being, including attending
the Light and Health Institute at the Lighting Research Center at RPI. I was convinced that the
research that was emerging and the advent of solid-state would usher in a new era in lighting.
Since then IoT and Light for Health have become “The Topics” of discourse in our industry.

There is much confusion around the Light and Health issue and recently an initiative has been
launched to help clear up “the fog”.

I recently joined the Light Vitality Group founded by the Lighting Designer Regina Lausell.

Regina’s brilliance, knowledge base, and energy are fueling a gathering of professionals from
different disciplines to work together to inform consumers, lighting designers, architects,
lighting manufacturers, facilities people and health professionals about the benefits of
attending to circadian health and light’s important contribution to our well-being.

Please join me in supporting Regina’s work and the work of the Light Vitality Group by
participating in this noteworthy endeavor.

George Bosson, Owner and Founder, be-light

As a restaurant that prides itself on healthy eating, we are always looking for ways to become more educated and more involved with all aspects of leading a healthy lifestyle. Light Vitality Group offers a unique scope on the way we understand light and how it relates to our overall health. We simply haven’t met anyone else with such organized and understandable information on this concept.

When we met Regina, the founder of LVG, we simply couldn’t resist being involved with such innovative ideas concerning health. Not to mention, Regina is profoundly passionate about LVG and providing the community at large with the necessary information to improve the aspects of their health that are affected by light. It just made sense to get in on the ground floor with Regina and LVG!

Miquela Rivers, Marketing Director, Nanoosh


Our design research process unites the efforts of researchers, designers, engineers, trend experts, user-experience specialists, innovation strategists and our own clients to create a broad professional lens that bridges the gap between actionable research and existing best practices. Through partnering with a variety of stake-holding disciplines within light and health, we are able to reinforce our deep knowledge of light and its effect on the human body as a means to govern a collaborative, methodological approach towards defining circadian light performance criteria for indoor environments.

We truly believe light can help transform lives. We know it is research that helps empower decision makers to align around a common vision, and we are committed to seeing that vision for lighting wellness realized. Discover ways you can start contributing to the LVG vision today by clicking below!